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Message from Dr. Norman Spector, owner and clinical director of Pain Relief Center of Maryland/Spector Chiropractic:

 Last Thursday evening upon leaving my office, I made a momentous decision for myself and my practice: we are NOT doing Pain Management any longer-no more injections or medications. Why would I make such a decision? Too many patients were more interested in obtaining a prescription than getting well. After confronting this problem way too often, my heart was no longer in Pain Management. Pain Management has its place. There are patients who have no other alternative, who are desperate for relief. I certainly understand that. However, without a plan to decrease medications by at least attempting alternative treatments, is a road to nowhere. It is descending into a deep, dark hole of addiction.

We offer chiropractic care. Chiropractic puts nothing into your body and takes nothing out. It allows the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself by restoring proper spinal joint function.  Chiropractic treats the cause and not the symptoms. The bottom line is that’s who I am and that’s what I do. I pride myself in providing the very best chiropractic care for you and your family.

 Dr. Spector

 Pain Relief Center of Maryland is unique because we offer many different chiropractic methods for the relief of pain in one location: chiropractic [as part of Spector Chiropractic], bracing, TENS units, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. This is because NOT all pain is the same. Pain come from various regions: neck pain traveling into the shoulders and arms, upper neck pain resulting in headaches, low back pain radiating into the hips and legs, mid back pain with referred pain to the chest and extremity pain, like knees hips, shoulders and elbows. The cause of pain also varies: degenerative arthritis, distortions and misalignment's in the spine, poor posture, foot pronation, injury and various kinds of pathology, like tumors.
   Every patient is different and their conditions unique. We all know of those who find chiropractic treatment, and specifically spinal manipulation, provides incredible relief. Others have discovered that doing specific forms of exercise works for them. What if they were all an option? With the advise and consultation of our expert team, together we will discover the pain relief therapies best suited for you.
   You do not have to travel all over. Just make an appointment by calling (410) 321-7210. Pain Relief Center of Maryland is designed to provide these options. With the council of our highly trained doctors and staff, we are equipped to make specific treatment plans to achieve optimum relief with consideration of every patients needs and goals.

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Dr. Norman Spector
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